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During the COVID-19 global pandemic, we all were shocked by the impact of this unprecedented event. The team at Four Vikings Manufacturing d

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We didn't sign up for this pandemic, but all of us at Four Vikings Manufacturing did sign up to fight back!

Businesses all around the United States have been hit hard by the corona virus called COVID-19 and the other business interests of the Four Vikings Manufacturing are no exception.

Our businesses like many others had to go into survival mode. We knew early that there was no bail out coming and that the financial well being of our employees and all of our very futures depended on us learning how to cope in a post coronavirus world.

After consulting with experts and by evaluating our strengths we realized we were uniquely qualified to pivot one of the manufacturing facilities in Wausau Wisconsin to start to produce hand sanitizer which is in very short supply.

This decision led to an incredible series of events that required the team to solve seemingly impossible problems on a near hourly basis.

The complex matter of finding the raw materials which are in HIGH demand combined with the challenge of setting up the production line to meet the FDA guidelines made this start up something special. We were created in a foundry of hardship and we are stronger because of it.

Our commitment to quality is clear because 100% of our formula is made in the USA. We are a true USA manufacturer.

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The marketing team at Four Vikings Manufacturing is dedicated to communicating our values and sharing our world-class products with customers both near and far.

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Mz Carolyn July 1, 2021

Thank you so much for your hand sanitizer!

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